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Hard to find

A friend bought the iTek by SoundLogic Track and Find device. She asked me to help her install it on her iPhone. We wasted a lot of time downloading and installing iTek apps which did not work. But there was nothing in the instruction manual that mentioned the NAME of the app needed to make the device work. I finally found iSearching mentioned in the comments of an old YouTube video. The tracker works great—but only after I found the app.

Absolute rubbish. If I take my phone upstairs and leave the keys downstairs the alarm goes off. All I want is something where if I can’t find my keys I push a button on my phone and it locates them with an alarm and a map. I want to find my keys if I lose them. I don’t want to get an alarm if I move 10 feet away from my keys. Don’t bother with this app it’s pointless.


Disconnects at close range for no reason. Triggers vibrate on phone for no reason and no way to stop but to quit app. Always have to configure tag from start whenever either of these things happen (doesnt remember past connection).

Lots of bugs!!

The app is always makes my phone ringing and ask me to disconnect the device. The google map doesnt show my actual location... Dont waste your time with this cheap device not delivering what it has been designed for!!!

Absolute garbage!

Save your money. I installed the app, did all I was to do, and nothing worked. The physical device didnt beep or connect. Then it was like my phone was possessed with random vibrations and birds tweeting. App and device did none of its claims. I am highly dissatisfied.


Great idea, but horrible execution. It keeps disconnecting for NO reason.

Disconnect at 15-20 feet???

I got this to track my dog, at less that 15-20 feet disconnected.... I thought this used GPS???

Good effort

If you want to try a tracking product or the first time this is a decent product it is cheap and so far it is effective. I have no problem with the product itself but it would be nice if youre going to sell to Americans that you have the description and the instruction in English inside the packaging with the product!

No good?

It doesnt boot. Always crashes on startup. iPhone 5S iOS 7

Wont work

I cant get it to work. When I tried to map it on the app all it does is track my phone in the house. And it wont stay connected for more that 20 seconds then it says its disconnected.. But even in those 20 seconds it doesnt track it on my google maps? I dont understand why it wont work.. And when I trekked to reach out to customer service its all in Chinese and wont connect to them! SO ANNOYING. I wanted this to track my outside cat.. Looks like Ill be requesting a refund since I cant get in contact with anyone to help me. Ugh.

Chinese crap

Horrible...does not work...the Chinese do not know how to write software...Period.

Does not work.

App does not boot on iOS 7.

Location finder tag

This device is horrible it would not connect to my iPhone. The language was written in Chinese and I cannot get help from customer service.

the application does not work in the background

The application must stand open all the time, otherwise the devices begin to sound (because it disconnects from the application)

Exactly, how can we close the app and keep the tag connected? You have to keep the iSearching App open at all times! If anyone knows a way around this please let me know!!

Alarms constantly going off. Only used one hour.

I bought three tracking devices hoping that it would help me find small items when I had misplaced them. I configured the devices to the application. That was the easy part. I had a choice for the alarms to go off near, medium or far from my Bluetooth device – which was my phone. What I didnt expect was for the alarms to start chirping and flashing the moment I was 15 feet or more away from the device. If that is far, then an adjustment needs to be made for distance. I can only imagine what near is and I am not going to test that. If my Bluetooth was turned off for any reason, the alarms on the tracker devices would immediately start to chirp. If I changed apps on my phone, the alarms would often go off as disconnected from the device. Id like to enable a device locator when I want to find the devices. Similar to Find my Phone where I ask for the locator to operate when I cant find it. I absolutely do not want to have the alarms go off every few moments as I move throughout my home, office, or other areas. Great idea-bad implementation. Im giving it 2 stars rather than one because it is a good idea. The software/app deployment needs to be refined more. I had this app deployed for a total of one hour before I had to shut it off.

Feature rich but not all working

Poor instruction. These features do not work: Lost history/Location list in map do not work as stated in instructions. Just a dumb list that cannot do anything. Double click to record does not work. Pity that we have no alternative with the Utah we bought

Doesnt work

Wont stay connection to the device longer than a minute.

Turn off beeping when disconnect

Is it possible to turn off the beeping when the device disconnects? Could not find that setting.

Bluetooth button

I havent tried all the extras or distance yet. Will get back to you on that. I have an iPhone 6s Plus. This app installed with no problem. Took like 3 tries to connect no problem working. Just FYI if you go to the website click on the globe at the top in red this will give you English. I followed directions and it works great. I will be buying more. Thanks guys


If I could give it 1/4 star I would. I have followed every step with no luck. If someone knows how to make this device work please let me know.

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