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iSearching app for iPhone and iPad

4.2 ( 2832 ratings )
Utilities Lifestyle
Developer: Gui Biao Zeng
Current version: 1.6.1, last update: 6 months ago
First release : 02 Sep 2015
App size: 47.6 Mb


使用时,先把手机APP打开,和防丢设备进行配对,如把小防丢器和钥匙挂在一起时,用户要寻找钥匙,只需要点按手机的APP 报警功能,防丢器就会发出响声,相反当要寻找手机时,也只需要点击防丢器上的按钮,手机会发出响声




Pros and cons of iSearching app for iPhone and iPad

iSearching app good for

A friend bought the iTek by SoundLogic Track and Find device. She asked me to help her install it on her iPhone. We wasted a lot of time downloading and installing iTek apps which did not work. But there was nothing in the instruction manual that mentioned the NAME of the app needed to make the device work. I finally found iSearching mentioned in the comments of an old YouTube video. The tracker works great—but only after I found the app.
If you want to try a tracking product or the first time this is a decent product it is cheap and so far it is effective. I have no problem with the product itself but it would be nice if youre going to sell to Americans that you have the description and the instruction in English inside the packaging with the product!
I havent tried all the extras or distance yet. Will get back to you on that. I have an iPhone 6s Plus. This app installed with no problem. Took like 3 tries to connect no problem working. Just FYI if you go to the website click on the globe at the top in red this will give you English. I followed directions and it works great. I will be buying more. Thanks guys
So Far Id give it a 4 Star rating! It was easy to set up after you downloaded the app! Everything is in Introduction, Im thinking the last symbol on right end at bottom of App! Its gave the right location so far, that was when I was setting it up but it started beeping when it lost connection or s-thing and I didnt like that either cause if ur better half has yalls vehicle and u wanted to find out where he was really goin and what if that thing starts beeping but then I saw a volume button in settings so that helps lol U always got that What if he was lyin? I dont think he would but u never know and this is the best way to find out where anyone goin! This is awesome as hell after I think about it lol
I’ve started using a wallet iPhone case to keep from using a separate wallet. Only problem is that with life long habit of having a wallet in my hip pocket, I drive off without my phone, drivers license, debit card etc. This product works well to alert me I’m forgetting the phone etc. right about the time I reach the car in the carport the device on my keychain beeps. The only problem is the app has to be running in the background at all times, so there is the possibility it won’t be running and I’ll still forget my stuff. If this could be fixed it would get 5 stars.
I bought this off the GEEK app for 1$ and wasn’t really expecting much for a dollar. But I have been using TILE finders for years, purchasing 6 tiles then replacing them randomly after about 12-16 months becomes quite expensive and redundant. Being a forgetful, single mom trying to put her only child through college and pay for a divorce from a controlling narcissist, money is tight and a penny saved is a penny earned. I like the idea that I can just replace the battery in this finder instead of paying 25$+ on a new one, that’s just for one. It takes the basic CR2032 battery. I like the bright color lime green. Now the app, is just a basic user friendly app. No difficulties. It does exactly what it’s supposed to do. You can’t find your (whatever you attach your finder to) bring up the app and the finder will set off the alarm. I found the light flashing feature to be of extra assistance! It also has a map feature, with 3 different maps to choose from. I’m definitely going to be ordering more!!!

Some bad moments

Absolute rubbish. If I take my phone upstairs and leave the keys downstairs the alarm goes off. All I want is something where if I can’t find my keys I push a button on my phone and it locates them with an alarm and a map. I want to find my keys if I lose them. I don’t want to get an alarm if I move 10 feet away from my keys. Don’t bother with this app it’s pointless.
Disconnects at close range for no reason. Triggers vibrate on phone for no reason and no way to stop but to quit app. Always have to configure tag from start whenever either of these things happen (doesnt remember past connection).
The app is always makes my phone ringing and ask me to disconnect the device. The google map doesnt show my actual location... Dont waste your time with this cheap device not delivering what it has been designed for!!!
Save your money. I installed the app, did all I was to do, and nothing worked. The physical device didnt beep or connect. Then it was like my phone was possessed with random vibrations and birds tweeting. App and device did none of its claims. I am highly dissatisfied.
Great idea, but horrible execution. It keeps disconnecting for NO reason.
I got this to track my dog, at less that 15-20 feet disconnected.... I thought this used GPS???